Friday, July 23, 2010

American Exceptionalism Toward the Burqa

Chan Akya notes that "that Europe and America have polar opposite points of view" when it comes to "the boiling controversy in Europe over the body-covering burqa and the niqab face veil" — Burqa over the Bastille. What's more, "[t]hat former allies of the US such as the United Kingdom and Australia are also heading in a similar direction as the rest of Europe indicates that this isn't merely an issue that separates 'Anglo-Saxons' from other societies."

The author suggests that "the US tends to attract 'aspirational immigrants', that is, people who wish to improve their lives; while Europe may well be attracting a more desperate group of immigrants who are more eager to flee persecution in their home countries."

"Facile descriptions on the Internet would have it that Europeans have stronger views on upholding human rights, and that a ban on the burqa is part of that stream of consciousness," the author notes. "Americans," God bless us, "tending to be more laissez faire have no such social considerations, in this view." He also suggests, "The relative advancement of women in Europe could well be playing a part in the more aggressive state attitudes towards the burqa."

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