Friday, July 23, 2010

Agent Orange Babies

Accused just today by a reader of my three-year-old and "very naive article about Saigon and the Vietnamese and how your were scammed into the Agent Orange guilt trip" — Anarchy, or Spontaneous Order, on the Streets of Saigon — prompts me to post this article by Chris Arsenault about one of the "estimated three million Vietnamese [who] suffers from exposure to Agent Orange, a toxic chemical US forces sprayed during the war to defoliate the dense jungles Viet Cong rebels used for cover" — Vietnam's Forgotten War Victims.

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Blogger Extollager said...

And this:

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Can one really condemn the United States and its "foreign policy" for this without

bearing in mind that back in those days people were a lot more nonchalant about teratogens - this was before Silent Spring hit home -

and comparing these costs with the costs that would have accrued if more Asian countries had become Communist?

6:45 AM  

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