Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Abortion Paradise" to Legalize Abortion?

News from a country where at least "43.7 percent of [all] pregnancies end in abortion" — South Korea Looks at Legalizing Abortion. The article reports that "the Ministry of Health indicates that doctors perform about 350,000 abortions per year, while they deliver on average just 450,000 babies," but also informs us "the actual number of abortions may be at least five times the official estimate, with a spokesman from the ruling Grand National Party saying that a National Assembly inspection last October found that the number of illegal abortions in Korea exceeds 1.5 million a year or roughly 4,000 babies aborted per day."

"Korea has often been called an 'abortion paradise' by many social commentators," wrote Frank M. Tedesco some years ago ─ Rites for the Unborn Dead: Abortion and Buddhism in Contemporary Korea.

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