Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some Second World War Revisionism

  • "The British and French guarantees to Poland were among the gravest diplomatic mistakes (and among the most dishonourable false promises) ever made by either country," writes Peter Hitchens — The History Boys. "I think Patrick Buchanan's 'Churchill, Hitler and the Unnecessary War' ... shows beyond doubt that the conventional narrative of World War Two is simply unsustainable in the light of modern knowledge," he later says. "Its poor reception arose partly out of the fact that, like all courageous history, it upset so many academic and political vested interests."

  • "When Roosevelt heard of the attack, he was surprised, but several witnesses reported that he actually seemed relieved at the news – at least until he learned the extent of the disaster," Bettina Bien Greaves says of Pearl Harbor, which launched "a war the president had secretly pursued while publicly promising to avoid" — Japan's Gift to FDR. "The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor made war inevitable," she writes. "But the attack was not Roosevelt's reason for going to war. It was his excuse."

  • Eric Margolis visits "[w]here, in February, 1945, US President Franklin Roosevelt, Britain’s Winston Churchill, and Soviet ruler Josef Stalin met to decide postwar Europe’s future" — Yalta: The Great Betrayal. "In modern history’s greatest betrayal, the Allied war leaders handed half of Europe to Soviet rule, betraying tens of millions of its people to the gulag, dictatorship, and confiscation of all their property."
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    Anonymous Abdul Alhazred said...

    The more I learn about That Man in the White House (FDR, in this case), the less I like him.

    To be truthful, I've never been the biggest fan of FDR, and -- for example -- I believe there is sufficient evidence to show that his actions did more to prolong the Great Depression than alleviate its damage.

    Unfortunately you won't see as many monuments to Calvin Coolidge as you will to Mr. F.D. Roosevelt.

    11:38 AM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    We should not have provoked Japan, and have let Hitler and Stalin cancel each other out.

    3:17 AM  

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