Friday, June 25, 2010

Mr. Truman's War

"By invading Korea without consent of Congress, he brought us to this moment," says Justin Raimondo on today's "sixtieth anniversary of the war that never ended" — Why I Hate Harry Truman.

"Truman... simply ignored Congress and went ahead and made war on the North Koreans," he writes. "The Constitution, by this time, had become a mere parchment: this relegated it to the attic, finally, where it has lain ever since."

"As we sink in the mud of yet another quagmire, this time in the wilds of Central Asia, let us remember how we got here, and who brought us to this moment," he concludes. "Let us remember, and curse their names."

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OpenID radcontra said...

Another way to put this is, if I had been asked what I would do with $1 trillion dollars in 1950, I wouldn't have spent it on Korea. I say $1 trillion, because I've yet to find a tally of the amount of all aid the US and Japan have given the ROK since 1950.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would Dewey have gone to war also?

12:03 AM  

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