Tuesday, June 22, 2010

J. Lennon and P. McCartney's "For No One" Performed by Emmylou Harris

The above, from Auntie Beeb's Transatlantic Sessions, is in response to a reader's comments on a post yesterday — The Beatles' "A Day in the Life" Performed by Neil Young:
    I get the impression that some of the older rock, pop and country performers like Neil Young, Jeff Beck, and say Willie Nelson or even Tony Bennet are still playing because they enjoy it. At least that's what comes out in their music to me. Someone like Madonna, however, will go down swingin' against old age and not very gracefully either. As if grace could ever be associated with Madonna in the first place. A total contrast to Emmylou Harris who remains a class act.
In response, I suggested that "the difference between Emmylou Harris and Madonna... is like the difference between the Old Republic and the Empire that usurped it." Here's a a stateside rendition of the same number — Emmylou Harris - For No One.

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