Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Indian Atheist Defends Crucifix in Italian Schools

Lenin Raghuvanshi says, "Human rights and democracy do not exist in a vacuum, in a value-neutral space" — For atheist human rights activist, crucifix in Italian classrooms not against secularism. "Denying the identity, culture and history of a society is a violation of secularism and human rights," said the recipient of the 2010 City of Weimar Human Rights Prize. "The crucifix in Italian classrooms is not a tradition that goes against the values of secularism."

The Indian activist went on to say, "A secular education means learning from history and logic. Jesus Christ brought peace, reconciliation, non-violence and justice in the world. It is important that children study this historical personality." He stressed that the "ethical views that are the basis of a culture... cannot be separated from that culture without destroy it."

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