Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Common Word, a Common Enemy, a Common Fight

Bernardo Cervellera reports on "the annual meeting of the scientific committee of the Oasis Foundation" which this year "brought together about 60 leading Christian and Muslim figures from Asia, North Africa, Europe and the Americas" — Oasis: educating Christians and Muslims to save the world from scientific and religious fundamental[ism]. "Education can be the chief instrument to bring Christians and Muslims to live together if it is free from 'absolute positivism' and 'formal fundamentalism'."

My title refers to A Common Word Between Us and You, the "open letter, dated 13th October 2007, from leaders of the Muslim faith to leaders of the Christian faith" that "calls for peace between Muslims and Christians and tries to work for common ground and understanding among both faiths, in line with the Biblical and Quranic commandment to love God, and one’s neighbour." Why is it that so many Western Christians are more interested in sharing a "common word" with the militant atheist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, just because she renounced Islam? One of the tragedies of the post-9/11 world is that many Western Christians have chosen to align themselves with militant secularists against Islam, duped that the terrorist attacks were religiously, not politically, motivated.

Thus, we not only lost sight that our foreign policy decisions have consequences but also lost an important ally against the "absolute positivism" that threatens us all. If Muslims could be our allies back in the Reagan years, before the Orwellian term Jihadist came to denote those once termed Mujahideen, why not now? If they proved such a formidable ally against atheistic communism (remember Rambo III (1988)?), why could they not be the same against atheistic secularism?

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