Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cathólica Asiatica

Cathólica Coreana suggests that "what is so frustrating to the evangelizing the Orient is that Christianity is viewed as Occidental" and notes that "Catholicism, though it is by the providence of God first took root in Europe and thus is occidental, should be presented as a fulfillment of the spiritual longing of the Asians (and all mankind)" — On Inculturation in the Orient.

Click on the link to learn how "the concept of a monotheistic deity and the offering of sacrifices, though imperfect, was of that entity is not foreign to the Orient" and how "Matteo Ricci notes this very fact in the True Meaning of the Lord of Heaven quotes from various Confucian classics, reminding the almost-deistic Neo-Confucians of their past." Noted also is the fact that "Matteo Ricci also presented Catholicism as a supplement to Neo-Confucianism" which "is why the first Catholics in China and Korea were from the Confucian literati."

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