Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Beautiful Game?

  • Taki Theodoracopulos asks, "Is there anything worse than listening to those hucksters in South Africa going bananas over the ugly game called football?" — The World’s Longest Con. "FIFA is a con, a money-making con which pretends to be a link between nations and cultures."

  • "It’s akin to the invasive foreign species that disrupt our landscape and waterways," says Tom Piatak, "like the ugly but prolific Asian carp moving ever closer to the Great Lakes, much to the horror of local anglers" — Still the Metric System in Short Pants. "Indeed, the American rejection of both soccer and the metric system represents a healthy spirit of patriotic defiance."

  • David Ker Thomson, "Even leftists who understand how brutal nation-states are and how thoroughly they lick corporate cockamamie will, in a desperate bid for a bit of street cred, toss World Cup nation names around" — Against Sport.
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    Blogger Robert said...

    God, what a bunch of killjoys. You'd think with the Greeks beating the Nigerians 1--nil Taki would learn to smile and enjoy the game for once.

    His description of Wayne Rooney was pretty funny, though.

    5:27 PM  
    Anonymous love the girls said...

    Nice article, and a nice complement the Rod Dreher article on equality.

    12:01 AM  

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