Friday, June 25, 2010

Africa Addio

Above, "a scene showing captured slave traders (on the Red Sea Coast) and their torture devices, which deformed Baduku beggar children" — The Mondo Cane Collection. The manufacture of deformed beggar children is a profitable enterprise in some parts of our fallen world.

The above is from Mondo pazzo (1963), a documentary series started with Mondo cane (1962) and continued with La donna nel mondo (1963), Adios Africa (1966), and others, which I stumbled across today at a local bookseller for under five bucks a piece. Instead, for the same price, I picked up the familiar Triumph of the Will (1935) and Animal Farm (1954). I'm deliberating about whether or not to return.

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Blogger Kalim Kassam said...

I've only seen Africa Addio, but it's a truly haunting film and a rare historical artifact which I highly recommend. You should head back to that bookseller, purchase it, and watch the Directors' Cut.

I first found out about it from these reviews:

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