Monday, May 31, 2010

Two from Catholica Coreana on Vatican II and the Korean Church

  • "My question is if the use of 'Heaven' is banned for Chinese Catholics, a practice they follow to this day, how are Korean Catholics allowed to use the term '하느님' (Haneunim), which is merely the combination of the Korean word for 'heaven' (하늘, Haneul) and a honorary postfix (님, nim), to address God?" — An Inquiry on the Addressing of God as "하느님" by Korean Catholics.

  • Making reference to the "the Baltimore Catechism, the de facto textbook for Catholicism for American Catholics up until the 1970s (we do not need expound what happened then)," our blogger notes, "The Church in Korea likewise had the Cheonjugyo Yorimundap (天主敎要理問答, 천주교 요리문답), literally 'The Questions and Answers Essential to the Understanding of Catholicism,' which too was jettisoned in the 1970s (the "Spirit of the Council" was there too)," and posts his "translation of the first few questions" — A Useful Catechism Text.
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    Blogger 還淵 said...

    Thank you for making of note of this. The SSPX of Korea has also posted a reading of the Cheonjugyo Yorimundap on youtube:

    The text sounds quite archaic.

    2:42 AM  

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