Thursday, May 27, 2010

"The Long War"

"Intellectuals and respected Afghan professionals are convinced the west is prolonging conflict to maintain influence in the region," writes Daniella Peled — Afghans Believe US is Funding Taliban. "It's near-impossible to find anyone in Afghanistan who doesn't believe the US are funding the Taliban," she writes, "and it's the highly educated Afghan professionals, those employed by ISAF, USAID, international media organisations – and even advising US diplomats – who seem the most convinced."

Whether you reject this as another "vague prejudice or the wildly conspiratorial theories so prevalent in the Middle East" or accept it as "a highly structured if convoluted analysis," the question remains, how can we possibly win hearts and minds if our closest "allies" in the country think this way?

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Blogger xavier said...


They're correct someone's funding the Taliban but it's not the Americans but the Pakistani establishment. It wants to ensure a loyal client to offset India.


10:49 AM  
Anonymous Kevin J Jones said...

I've heard American contractors are paying protection money to locals along their Afghan supply routes. Often they pay the Taliban or their allies themselves.

3:25 AM  

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