Monday, May 24, 2010

Criticizing Rand Paul

  • Libertarian Thomas DiLorenzo looks at the media hysteria — The Left Can’t Stop Lying About Rand Paul. He concludes with a "[n]ote to all those Perfectly-Pure-as-the-Driven-Snow libertarians out there: Please spare me the angry emails declaring the shocking — shocking!!!!! — news that Rand Paul is not, like you, The Most Ideologically Pure Libertarian in the History of the World."

  • For left-liberal David Michael Green, his primary victory offers a chance to "finally have a serious discussion in this country about the lunacies of libertarianism" — Liberated from Libertarianism: Rand Paul Runs and Hides from... Rand Paul

  • "He's not half the man his father is," says libertarian Justin Raimondo — Rand Paul’s Problem, and Ours. "Maddow didn’t expose Rand Paul’s alleged 'racism' – what she revealed is his inability to function, like his father, as a spokesman for libertarianism."
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    Blogger love the girls said...

    I very much appreciated Rand Paul's comment on the Obama administration's handling of the B.P. and the oil spill. It's refreshing to have someone talk as if they have a clue what it actually going on in the business world.

    Only so many precautions can be taken, accidents happen.

    7:24 PM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    Lew had an article pondering why nobody had any sympathy for B.P.

    12:55 AM  

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