Saturday, May 22, 2010

Conceived in Rape

  • "'I am extremely grateful to and proud of Cardinal Ouellet for speaking up to defend the lives of those of us conceived in rape,' says Deborah Morlani, a wife, mother of five children, pro-life speaker, Catholic writer, registered nurse and grad student working on her Master of Theology degree" — Woman Conceived in Rape Thanks Quebec Cardinal for Abortion Statements.

  • "I was born after a rape, I cannot support abortion!" exclaimed Fatima Pelaes to her colleagues — Brazilian congresswoman whose mother was raped voices opposition to abortion. "Everyone was moved and in tears."

  • "I wish I had heard his message when I was a teen and was raped and then aborted my daughter," said Angelina Steenstra — Woman Who Suffered Rape and Abortion as Teen: Thank You Cardinal Ouellet. "I am deeply grateful to the Cardinal for proclaiming the truth that abortion, even in the case of rape, rather than helping the victim of rape, actually adds a second victim – the unborn child."

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    Blogger love the girls said...

    Proud of what. Doing what he is called to do and supposed to do. We have become so inured with bishops not doing what they're supposed to do that one actually does, we bend over in gratitude.

    The libs. on the other hand hold their representatives to the fire and, crucify them if they don't stand up and speak out.

    Nor is it an act of heroism to speak out for unborn babies just because they were conceived via rape.

    Circumstance has nothing to do with it. Period. And when we make these kinds of distinctions, as if they are important we are playing into the hands of the baby murderers.

    We're playing into their hands because their arguments are invariably grounded in these kinds of distinctions, while the right to life movement grounds it in just that "the right to life".


    A bit off topic, Has anyone else noticed how the lib catholics now hate the right to life movement?

    11:42 PM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...

    Well, it just goes to show how dark our times are that such talk is worthy of praise. Upon this bishop was wished "a slow and painful death" by one pundit and the "conservative" Canadian government quickly "distanced" itself from the statement.

    It seems to me that many would rather avoid topics like rape and abortion, and many who consider themselves "pro-life" turn a blind eye to the issue.

    I've noticed that Vox Nova and others might seem to "hate the right to life movement," but at the same time are not pro-abortion, for which, cynic that I am, I am thankful. (Orestes Brownson was anti-slavery and anti-abolitionist.)

    12:30 AM  
    Blogger love the girls said...

    western confucian writes : "but at the same time are not pro-abortion"

    True, they're not "pro-abortion", they're "pro-choice". They think women shouldn't be forced to have abortions, but shouldn't be prevented by the law from having one.

    Think I'm kidding? That position was advocated and defended by some of the contributors at Vox Nova.

    6:50 AM  
    Blogger The Western Confucian said...


    8:53 AM  
    Blogger love the girls said...

    Or read the latest. Are they really that stupid that they're incapable of making the necessary basic distinctions?

    5:50 AM  

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