Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Michael Novak, Christian über-Zionist

"The most dreadful war of all time is just ahead of us, is already well begun," says the neocon, quoted and debunked by Daniel Larison — Un-Christian Delusions. Mr. Novak continues, "Many of us want to save the Christian Holy Places, and Israel, too–our best ally in the world, the creator of the most economically creative and democratic society in its region."

Click on the link for the rest of the delusional statement, for Mr. Larison's dismantling of "the absurd fantasy of the Iranian destruction of the Holy Places," and for one more reason why I gave up reading First Things years ago.

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Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

I gave up on First Things due to its continued attacks on intelligent design theory.

1:27 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

I was unaware that FT was up to such shenanigans. Anything to make religion look respectable to moderns, I guess.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Casey Khan said...

I put this comment on the FT site, if it gets published:

This is all speculative lunacy based on incalculable contingencies. Thinking realistically, and not putting all Muslims into a monolithic category, does anyone really believe that a bunch of Shi’ites in Iran want to nuke the Holy Land? For what gain? For what rational reason might Persian Shi’ites want a nuclear weapon? If they get a nuclear weapon, we won’t invade and destroy their country. Our naval presence in the Gulf would be counter-balanced. That would be a realistic answer. Not some hyperbolic hysteria.

And if we’re going to speak of Christian realism, the Israeli state as it is currently constituted is not the Davidic Kingdom. One just needs to look to the pride parades in Jerusalem to see the moral quality of that state:

Further, the Israeli state along with a number of Palestinian muslims are the greatest continuing threat to Palestinian Christians and Christian Holy sites in the region, not a bunch of Persians surrounded by the US military. American Catholics, particularly those influenced by the Evangelical right, have turned a blind eye to the plight of Palestinian Christians who have suffered tremendously at the hands of the Leviathan state. Just look at the scars our tax dollars have helped impose on Bethlehem with the apartheid wall (yes b/c it keeps out ethnic Palestinian Christians too). Just look at what the Israeli government just did this Easter to Christians trying to Worship at the Holy Sepulcher by denying all Jerusalem Christians access to the Church:

I wonder what price we Americans will pay for ignoring, and even financing the assault on the Church by the Israeli state. So yes, there is a current threat to the Christian Holy Sites. To horse, a Crusade is needed to counteract the imminent threat to the Church, if we are to look at the situation as Christian realists and not with a bunch of hyperbolic nonsense meant to stir up the war machine.

11:04 PM  
Blogger David Lindsay said...

On any threat to the Holy Places, I for one am happy to seek and take the word of their Franciscan Custos.

Note Michael Novak's appeal to Reinhold Niebuhr, a rare insight into the influence on neoconservatism of neo-orthodoxy, a mid-twentieth century movement to salvage the traditional vocabulary of Protestant theology even while surrendering to every liberal, secularising assault. As among Lutherans and Calvinists on the Continent, and as in the Anglican, Scottish Presbyterian and historic Nonconformist bodies in Britain, so also in the related "mainline" churches in the United States, neo-orthodoxy successfully sold itself as a vindication of popular orthodoxy. But it is actually ruinous of such faith, as is evident from, among much else, "mainline" churchgoers' support for neoconservatives.

Of course Iran is not going to bomb Jerusalem. Or anywhere else, for that matter. If anything, with his reserved seats for Assyrians and Armenians, with his opposition to the foreign forces of genocide against the indigenous Christians of Iraq, with his support for General Aoun's allies against the threat to the most Christian country in the Middle East, with his ties to Syria, and indeed with his comfortable Jewish community which would be forbidden to live in Saudi Arabia but enjoys guaranteed parliamentary representation in Iran, Ahmadinejad has more than a little of Cyrus the Great about him.

2:46 AM  

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