Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Illegal Immigration, a Legal Issue

  • Allow me to respectfully disagree with my country's episcopacy — Catholic bishops blast Ariz. immigration law, call for national reform. The "draconian law" in question merely "compels law enforcement officials to confront individuals whom they suspect of being illegal immigrants," i.e., to enforce the law.

  • Allow me to disrespectfully disagree with Roberto Rodriguez for putting "'States Rights'" in scare quotes and for his dictatorial call for "President Obama and Congress" to "nullify SB 1070 and similar bills nationwide" — This is What Apartheid Looks Like.

  • Allow me to wholeheartedly agree with Patrick J. Buchanan, whose State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America turned me around on this issue — Whose Country Is This? Noting that "Al Sharpton [has] threaten[ed] to go to Phoenix and march in the streets against the new Arizona law," Mr. Buchanan wonders "how many African-Americans, who are today frozen out of the 8 million jobs held by illegal aliens that might otherwise go to them or their children, will march to defend an invasion for which they are themselves paying the heaviest price."
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    Blogger Extollager said...

    Sharpton leading a march against the new law would be a golden gift for the Right. Their bowels must just yearn, yearn, for him to follow through on his words, but will he?

    3:44 AM  
    Blogger Brittanicus said...



    1) THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION OCCUPATION of our country. President Obama and the majority party are going to force through what they like to call--Comprehensive Immigration Reform. It’s really MASS AMNESTY. SO ITS OUR JOB TO STOP THIS TRAVESTY? There are thousands Pro-Sovereignty, anti-illegal immigration small groups and larger organizations around the country, that doesn't have the backing of George Soros--a Socialist, the Ford Foundation and equally Pro-Amnesty Business conglomerates and of course the open border crazies. So we must organize, not in just small entities, but arrange through one central group like NUMBERSUSA--to get ready for the political shove and push for this coming Amnesty. NumbersUSA has around a million members that want the immigration enforcement laws--ENFORCED. The real double fence constructed, E-Verify, 287 G permanent to reduce illegal immigration.

    2) Millions of American demoralized by each administration, who think they have no power base, is wrong? Everybody--no matter the color of your skin, should become wise, to understand what’s happening behind their backs. Whether your Black, Hispanic,White, Indian of any faith denomination, GOP, DEM or Independent and believe in enforcing the 1986 immigration law--that can be just as easily amended. RONALD REAGANS LAW WOULD WORK--IF ENFORCED? Join Tea Baggers, and everybody else who as one majority group to use the power of your vote. You have immeasurable power to be ready to fight the coming immigration battle. It's about America’s future, about overpopulation, our failing infrastructure and stops these incompetent politicians from selling your children's future. Starting with Arizona—every state should have the right to enforce its immigration laws, if the federal government refuses to enforce those laws. They find billions of dollars to fight far distant foreign wars, but will not spend the money to protect America's inhabitants from all-encompassing criminals entering our country. If states boycott Arizona, then we must boycott any state that does exactly this. We must support Arizona because this backlash has been formed by the Libertarian, lobotomized groups who want unfettered movement though our borders.

    3) Even our National Security is a risk because nothing is done to enforce the border. You are not alone? We will not be dictated to by any pro-Amnesty group. You have thousands of friends, but we need to unite in this common cause. Talk to your relatives. We can no longer be a HMO or free welfare handouts to the world. You may not want to demonstrate in the streets, because of violence from the other side.We are civilized so we don't throw frozen soda cans at the opponents. But you can join (without any cost or danger to your personal information) by standing firm with NumbersUSA. Google the address and sign up, to be alerted to all Washington inside emergencies. As one massive organized group we can stop this encroachment by 20 to 30 million foreign nationals into our jobs, destroying our culture. You will called ugly names to distract you, so you keep your real thoughts hidden in the shadows. But we must stop this as millions more will come—and keep on coming in the form of chain migration. NOTHING will stop this invasion unless we as one voice of one people say—ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is our country, our flag, our language and our constitution that gives us the right to free speech, that Liberals would deny us. Teach yourself who your enemy is at NumbersUSA in both parties and who must be removed in coming elections.
    No copyright. Copy & paste and distribute to all free Americans

    3:58 AM  
    Anonymous love the girls said...

    "how many African-Americans, who are today frozen out of the 8 million jobs held by illegal aliens that might otherwise go to them or their children, will march to defend an invasion"

    Put it that way, None. The issue has taken an Owellian twist where integrity of the family is being used to attack the legislation when its the family which is suffering from open borders.

    As typical of liberal think, we are once again suppressing our own for the advantage of strangers.

    4:28 AM  
    Anonymous Kevin J Jones said...

    One of the charges is that immigration enforcement breaks up families. Obviously this is true in many cases - after raids the feds do not plan for the children, whose care falls upon the local communities.

    However, considering the lack of marriages and the increasing rate of out of wedlock births, how many intact families are in fact being broken up by immigration enforcement?

    1:14 PM  
    Anonymous love the girls said...

    Kevin Jones writes : "after raids the feds do not plan for the children, whose care falls upon the local communities."

    Extending care to those in need does not in turn require extending citizenship. When a stranger in need comes in our midst, we have a duty to help him, but that doesn't require us to welcome him in as part of our society.

    If the U.S. had invited them in in some manner, then there would be some obligation, but that is not what occurred. What we are seeing is why through the centuries cities have built walls, and why they first pointed the business end of their spears at strangers at their gates.

    8:37 PM  

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