Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The Onion, one of the few realiable sources of news in America, reports on a new trend in which "American parents are choosing to have their children raised at school rather than at home" — Increasing Number Of Parents Opting To Have Children School-Homed. An excerpt:
    Deputy Education Secretary Anthony W. Miller said that many parents who school-home find U.S. households to be frightening, overwhelming environments for their children, and feel that they are just not conducive to producing well-rounded members of society.

    Thousands of mothers and fathers polled in the study also believe that those running American homes cannot be trusted to keep their kids safe.

    "Every year more parents are finding that their homes are not equipped to instill the right values in their children," Miller said. "When it comes to important life skills such as proper nutrition, safe sex, and even basic socialization, a growing number of mothers and fathers think it's better to rely on educators to guide and nurture their kids."
These American parents are at the forefront of implementing their Dear Leader's proposals on the subject — Barack Obama wants to emulate South Korea’s education system with “longer school days, school weeks and school years”. This country is, after all, the pioneer in school-homing, although highschool kids are at home between 1:00 AM and 7:00 AM for sleep. (It takes time to build a Brave New World.) Never mind the fact that "Obama's remarks came as a surprise to many South Koreans as the country's education system has been under constant public criticism due to its lack of creativity and heavy dependence on private tutoring" — Obama Wants To Turn U.S. Into South Korea. Just repeat, "Yes we can! Yes we can!"

[link via A conservative blog for peace]

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Blogger love the girls said...

"When it comes to important life skills such as proper nutrition"

Looks like the children are not the only ones who are drinking cool Aid while eating their chicken nuggets.


4:54 PM  
Blogger love the girls said...

"The Onion, one of the few realiable sources of news in America"

As the modern world drifts further towards the bizarre, parody becomes reality.

For instance :

The World's Best Country for Women
"In our country, women drive the buses and men push the baby buggies."


Men in Black is behind the times, we need go no further than MSN to find the latest alien hijinx.

11:35 PM  
Blogger Suburbanbanshee said...

I guess Obama's little girls have been visiting the Oval Office a little too often for Obama's liking. Either that, or he's just an idiot who doesn't pay attention to what changes he's advocating; as long as they're not American, they're good.

2:53 AM  

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