Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Martha and Arshad Masih

This horrible story has been in the news for several days, but as such stories are often twisted, even in the Catholic press, it is best to leave it the locals at the Pakistan Christian Post to tell the story — Rape of Martha and burning of her husband Arshad Masih is worst shape of enforced conversion to Islam in Pakistan.

"Arshad Masih is fighting for life with 80% burns in Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi after his employer set him on fire on refusing to convert to Islam," the article reports, but he has since passed away. The "[r]ape of Martha Bibi [took place] before her children by Muslim police officials." The author concludes, "I appeal Christians to Hoist Banners with Prayers to Jesus Christ instead of inviting SCP, Punjab government and Federal government because no one is ready to ensure justice to us in Pakistan." Oremus...

It has to be said, the "Christian" President Obama's bombings of Pakistan do little to help Christians living tenuously among the Muslims there.

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Blogger xavier said...


I have to disagree with you there. It's totally irrelevant whether or not Obama or any other U.S. president orders or stops drone attacks; the plight of the Christains (and Sikhs) is a very precarious one in Pakistan.

It's the same in Egypt where the Americans have paid 60 billion and the Copts are still perecuted. In Indonesia, where Amrican involvment is minimal: some Moslems surrounded a Protestant church that was being built and meanced the congregation.

It,s not American or Western policy that provokes Moslem attitude towards Christians and other nobn-Moslems but Islam itself.

You're prudent to remind people like me not to become monomanic ;) but at the same time, I'll remind people not to totally discount the religious dimensions of such conflicts.
remember by their fruits, you'll know them


10:30 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

I added that bit as an afterthought.

You said, "You're prudent to remind people like me not to become monomanic."

I say to you, "You're prudent to remind people like me not to become wishy-washy, touchy-feely indifferent liberals."


10:52 PM  
Blogger xavier said...


You're welcome and let's hope that our Lady will open the Moslem's hearts. I'm seriously wondering if she'll appear to the Moslems soon to warn them to repent. And for both Moslems and non-Moslems not to hate each other


10:07 PM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

Wasn't she appearing in Egpyt again lately?

10:18 PM  

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