Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Glenn Beck Calls Dorothy Day a "Marxist" and Compares Her to Stalin

"I've never heard of her," he admits, just before calling her "the Marxist Dorothy Day" — Beck links Wallis and "Marxist Dorothy Day" in plot to pervert the Gospel and "rot us from the inside". On his show, Mr. Beck played an audio clip and offered commentary. In the clip, Rev. Wallis describes being "in the parlor of the Catholic Worker - and in walks the great lady."

Rev. Wallis continues, "Dorothy wrote a book about her life called 'Love is the Measure.' But she wasn't ever soft. Very tough." (Mr. Beck quips, "So was Stalin.") Mr. Wallis then relates what she said to him, "So you're a radical student like me, right? You're a Marxist like me, right? Yes." What Miss Day actually said was, "So you were a radical student like me, right? You were a Marxist like me, right?" The past tense is clearly heard in the full audio below, provided by Rev. Wallis himself — What Glenn Beck Doesn’t Understand About Biblical Social Justice:

Rev. Wallis recounts what Mr. Beck cut from the audio: "'And now, you’re a Catholic?' Dorothy Day asked me. 'Well, now I’m a Christian,' I said. 'You’re not a Catholic?' she chided. I lamely responded that 'some of my best friends' were Catholic, and Dorothy smiled." Robert Ellsberg, on the same website, mounts spirited a defense of "the great lady," as if she needed one — Dorothy Day: Unapologetic Radical, but no Marxist.

Now, while I've heard of Rev. Wallis, I know very little about him and suspect that my views on healthcare are closer to Beck's, if he really has any, than Wallis's. I also suspect that Servant of God Dorothy Day's are quite far from those of Wallis, who works for the Obama Régime, as this quote of hers from an old post of mine — Anarcho-Catholicism in a Nutshell — suggests:
    We believe also that the government has no right to legislate as to who can or who are to perform the Works of Mercy. Only accredited agencies have the status of tax-exempt institutions. After their application has been filed, and after investigation and long delays, clarifications, intercession, and urgings by lawyers - often an expensive and long-drawn-out procedure - this tax-exempt status is granted.

    As personalists, as an unincorporated group, we will not apply for this "privilege." We have explained to our donors many times that they risk being taxed on the gifts they send us, and a few (I can only think of two right now) have turned away from us. God raises up for us many a Habakkuk to bring his pottage to us when we are in the lion's den, or about to be, like Daniel of old.
[story via Sarah's comments on Tea Parties and the "Racist" Canard]

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