Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Left and Right Wrong About Sarah Palin

Richard Cohen argues that she's neither "a harbinger of the hard-right government takeover" nor "the leader [who] would someday lead America out of its current socialist wilderness" but rather "a phony" who "has sold out for money, quitting office so that she could cash in" — Sarah Palin, finally a fallen star.

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Anonymous Walt C said...

I always give credit where it's due even if I don't agree with their stances all of the time, but Stephen Carson called it a couple of years ago at

"So what is Sarah Palin's true purpose? Whether she knows it or not, she is a stalking horse...I wish Sarah Palin the best. But if she really stands for life then she'll oppose McCain's plan to kill more Iraqis and possibly Iranians. If she really stands for shrinking the leviathan US government, then she should know that it has grown, not shrunk, under Republican administrations...If she really stands for the things she claims to then she should walk out of the Republican National Convention and head over to be with the true friends of liberty at the Rally for the Republic."

I liked Sarah Palin's walking her talk when it came to pro-life issues and the 2nd Amendment but I think the attention went to her head after McCain picked her.

I agree with this blogger who said a few years ago

"Her decision to take a sabbatical from politics is indicative of a high Emotional Q…which trumps IQ in everything but the hard sciences.She needs to move to the east coast where she is not handicapped by time and distance, and then she needs to hit the books. The international world has to become real to her…as real as it is to Barrack Obama who was born into internationalism. If that means hitting the books like a schoolgirl, then that’s what I’d advise."

5:40 AM  
Blogger The Western Confucian said...

I tend to agree. I'm not a Palin-hater (nor a Bush-hater, Obama-hater, or America-hater, as I was called today by Mr. Anonymous).

1:21 AM  

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