Friday, January 29, 2010

Coeduation and Austrianism

The New Beginning asks a pointed question — Do Catholic schools remember Divini Illius Magistri? "False also and harmful to Christian education is the so-called method of 'coeducation,'" instructed Pope Blessed Pius IX in his encyclical. Says our blogger, "This is clearly not being observed by 'orthodox' Catholic colleges and universities such as Steubenville, Christendom, Thomas Aquinas College, Wyoming Catholic College, Benedictine College, or Ave Maria University (and so on)."

This very public "dissent" will go unnoticed, even by the staunchest defenders of Catholic orthodoxy, not that it should be otherwise. The Magisterium, that "living, teaching office of the Church," is just that, living. As the blogger notes, even the Pontifical Universities in Rome are co-educational, and only the adherents of Sedevacantism are charging the Vicar of Christ with heterodoxy. Yet, there are those who hold that Catholic writers at and the Ludwig von Mises Institute are heterodox for merely questioning this or that economic statement in this or that encyclical. 'Twould be good that Catholics be a bit more catholic.

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Anonymous love the girls said...

Interesting argument. But it only makes sense if one grants that the Church's teachings that the paleo-libs argue against are prudential, which they are not.

As for coeducation, when I first heard that TAC was originally intended to be a men's school, my only thought was, horror, it's the babes sitting across the table in those discussions that made the school most worth attending.

And as for Christendom, if it was a girls school, I wouldn't mind if it had a boys school next door right up close as they used to do. One of my wife's favorite parts of sending our oldest daughter there this year is the number of marriages that come out the school.

4:39 PM  
Anonymous love the girls said...

From the blog New Beginning : "Since men and women are not the same, the sort of education they should receive is not the same either. His stricture is not merely prudential, taking cognizance of what happens when young men and women have prolonged contact with one another, but is also about pedagogy, and what is appropriate for men and women."

Having seen it in action for four years at TAC,I know the method of teaching works effectively with both sexes together in the same class. Nor do I see where the material taught is exclusive, or more appropriate to either men or women.

Secondly, why is pedagogy not according to prudence?

4:58 PM  
Blogger papabear said...

love the girls -- I'd like to see the seminar in person. I tend to agree with James Chastek over at that logic should have a larger place in the curriculum for a (true) BA. If that were a case, how many women (or men) would be able to handle it? I think our BA is so watered-down in comparison to what was expected from the medievals. Finally, pedagogy is ordered to the end, and men and women do not have the same purpose or role in the family or in civil society. I'll try to write another post to expand on this tomorrow.

5:28 PM  
Blogger papabear said...

(I should add that I used the word pedagogy to refer to both how something is taught and also what is being taught. I might be more clear if I separate the two.)

5:50 PM  
Anonymous love the girls said...

papabear writes : "James Chastek over at that logic should have a larger place in the curriculum"

That's a rather surprising comment since it's usually the opposite that's complained about. Or does he mean there should be more time spent teaching the subject of logic itself?


papabear writes : "men and women do not have the same purpose or role in the family or in civil society."

True, but neither are they so different that certain materials are not appropriate for both. While I can see this argument having perhaps some merit against TAC where the curriculum is fixed, schools such as Benedictine, or Christendom on the other hand provide variations which would take into account any problem with different stations.

But even looking at TAC, the materials covered are basic to everyday life, not in the particular necessarily, but in giving the graduates the capacity to live in and understand modern society and raise children in that same society. And activity which is not exclusive to either sex

7:13 PM  
Blogger Donald said...

Being a teacher for intermediate through junior high/middle school students (in the U.S.) for 20+ years now, I would love to have the students segregated. Every now and then I'll vent to my fellow faculty members: If we want to get serious about education, we should put the girls on one floor and the boys on the other.... But that sort of educational reform is unlikely to happen. :(

11:49 AM  

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