Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ben Shlomo Bernanke, Hyperinflation, and World Government

"Time Magazine has made a premature choice," says Maurizio d'Orlando — As the world waits for hyperinflation and a world government, Bernanke becomes "Person of the Year."

The author suggests "that financial markets are expecting and anticipating hyperinflation" and that "a period of double, triple and even quadruple digit inflation is likely to follow the current phase of great depression." Reminding us that hyperinflation is "one of the most destructive social phenomena," he says that "this is no unwarranted gloom-and-doom scenario, but rather a way to interpret rationally the rise of the stock market, which cannot be explained by company profits." He concudes:
    The current crisis is not only worse than that of 1929-33, but if it leads to hyperinflation, it will wipe out public debt and private savings. More importantly, it will undermine existing institutional structures. Perhaps, this is the real secret goal Federal Reserve chairmen, including Bernanke, have pursued in the past 20 years. Perhaps, they sought all along to lay the ground for hyperinflation, in the bipolar world when the USSR still existed, and later unilaterally in order to secretly impose a world central bank and create a world government.

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Blogger Mark in Spokane said...

Well, hyperinflation is coming. There isn't much question of that. Even someone as mainstream as Susie Orman is telling her t.v. audience to prepare for a big jolt of inflation in the coming years. Given how much money Obama and the fed have been pumping into the economy, it is simply inevitable. And inflation of the magnitude we are likely to see isn't going to be pretty. Not at all...

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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