Friday, February 6, 2009

Child Trafficking

Foreign Policy's E.J. Graff exposes an "industry driven by money" and "charged with strong emotions" — Many Westerners Are Adopting Children Bought or Stolen from Their Parents. The author says "that behind the altruistic veneer, international adoption has become an industry -- one that is often highly lucrative and sometimes corrupt."

"Changes in Western demography explain much of the growth," says the author. "Thanks to contraception, abortion, and delayed marriages, the number of unplanned births in most developed countries has declined in recent decades. Some women who delay having children discover they’ve outwaited their fertility; others have difficulty conceiving from the beginning."

He ends by quoting David Smolin, a law professor and advocate for international adoption reform: "Credulous Westerners eager to believe that they are saving children are easily fooled into accepting laundered children. For there is no fool like the one who wants to be fooled."

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