Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Time for Conservatives to Take Back Nature

Patrick Deneen's latest — The Future of Conservatism: Hopeful Possibilities. The author "afford[s] one example that seems to most conservatives a tremendous obstacle among a younger generation—and seems to [him] to be an area of great promise:"
    It is the remarkable rise of a commitment to the environment, that hallmark of “Left” politics for so many years, yet, to my mind, a deeply conservative commitment that we are allowing to go underarticulated and thus by default permit our students to believe to be the very antithesis of conservative.

    After all, we need only point out that the root of the very word “conservative” is “conserve” and “conservation,” meaning “to maintain” or “to keep.” In clinging to their own incoherent orthodoxies, conservatives have ceded this concept to the Left and thereby lost the ability to articulate the deepest sources of conservatism.

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