Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Santa Claus Visits the LRC Blog

  • Lew Rockwell informs us of some "brittle-voiced neocon talk show host" who says kids need "not worry... about Santa being taken down by terrorists, even though he also visits Christian homes in Afghanistan and Iraq, because USAF jets follow him everywhere" — Santa and the Pentagon.

  • In response, Anthony Gregory reminds us that "Santa delivers presents to all the Christians and other kids who celebrate Christmas throughout the world, not because of the military, but despite government intervention" — Santa vs. the State. "If they ever caught up with him, he'd be in violation of thousands of labor, trade, travel, and industrial regulations."

  • "How, one wonders, did Santa manage all those years without our benevolent government's assistance?" asks Mike Tennant of a government lie that "that Santa Claus will have access to special air space on Christmas Eve used by the United States Air Force" — Santa Shills for the State.
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