Monday, December 29, 2008

Paleos Weigh in on the Gaza Massacre

  • The American Conservative's Scott McConnell has a post reminding us that "use of this much American made air power against defenseless civilian targets will have some blowback, probably in this direction" — The fire next time — and another on why "why we shouldn’t be indifferent to Israel’s air attacks (with American weapons) on defenseless Palestinians in Gaza" — Gaza Day Two.

  • "The real casus belli is politics, in Israel and America," says's Justin Raimondo, suggesting that "the real focal point of the Israeli assault isn't Gaza – it's Washington, D.C." — The Politics of the Gaza Massacre.

  • Also writing for, Joshua Frank takes on a man whose only response is to blather about "the special relationship between United States and Israel" — No Comment and No Leadership From Obama.

  • Linked to by is this piece by Gideon Levy of Haaretz on "yet another unnecessary, ill-fated war" — The neighborhood bully strikes again.

  • The Blog's Jason Ditz takes on Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Andy David 's suggestion that "the Israeli military’s killings in the Gaza Strip (300 at last count) are really being done for the children, claiming that the children of Sderot haven’t slept in eight years (a remarkable testament to their endurance, to be sure) and that anyone who looks at their tired eyes cannot help but support the continuation of the attacks" — Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?

  • "The US Pravdas can never be trusted on matters of war," notes the man behind the Blog, giving us sources — To Understand What's Happening in Gaza — and a report — 'Little Baghdad in Gaza: Bombs, Fear, and Rage'.
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