Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Paleolibertarians on the Shoe Thrower

  • Justin Raimondo says the Iraqi journalist "managed to sum up, in a single gesture, how much of the world feels about the 43rd president of the United States – including Americans" — Muntadar al-Zeidi: Hero, Martyr, Symbol of Resistance.

  • Tom Chartier reminds us that with "the total destruction of Iraqi society and the deaths of something like 1.2 million Iraqis," "it’s a good safe bet the shoe thrower knows at least a couple dead friends or family members, thanks to George’s Liberation and gift of freedom" — The Blundering Shoes of Rebuilding.

  • "The most remarkable thing about the gesture was the fact that it was an act of defiant contempt, rather than one of criminal violence," says Christian libertarian William N. Grigg — Flying Shoes, Bursting Bubbles.
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