Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Has the CCP Lost the Mandate of Heaven?

First, let us pray for the victims — China quake death toll rises to about 10,000.

Our Lady of China, ora pro nobis

The Marmot's Hole reports that a week ago "citizens had been asking the local government to confirm or deny a rumor that an earthquake had been predicted for Barkam County (马尔康县)" — Sichuan Earthquake Predicted a Week Ago? As of today, "the discussion of this event is forbidden on internet sites originating in mainland China."

Earthquakes and other such disasters were seen in ancient times as divine portents that the Emperor had lost Mandate of Heaven (天命). The 1976 Tangshan earthquake spelled the end of Maoism and the Gang of Four. Are the Chinese Communist Party's days similarly numbered?

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Omnes Sancti et Sanctæ Coreæ, orate pro nobis.