Monday, December 31, 2007


"In the land of the Rising Sun, signed by secularism and commercialism, misery and suicide, Christianity offers 'a trustworthy hope' of which the pope speaks in his encyclical," begins Pino Cazzaniga ─ From desert to oasis: the miracle of Christmas in Japan. A sign of that "trustworthy hope:"
    On the afternoon and evening of Christmas Eve, 6 masses are celebrating din order to cope with attendance.

    “This year, Vitali told me; over 10.500 people took part in the celebrations: three quarters of them weren’t even Christians”. What lies behind this non-Christian affluence? Curiosity? No… All of those people were willing to withstand hours of queuing in the cold because they felt, instinctively, that Christmas is celebrated in the Church and not in restaurants or hotels.

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