Thursday, December 13, 2007

Huh Kyung-young for President!

Why South Koreans aren't taking the man pictured above more seriously I do not know ─ Herald Biz Interviews Huh Kyung-young. Here's what he says of himself:
    Like a light from the east, I have appeared for this era, and since I can see the future, I have planned my Internet strategy way back in the past. With my 430 IQ, I can also control the spiritual domain.

    I have also read 35 religious scriptures from several religions, and feel they have no value. The religions have prepared for my coming and I’m the one who will complete them.
He hasn't even registered on the polls! His platform includes moving the UN HQ to the Korean DMZ and building a canal from Lake Baikal, which he claims the South Korean government secretly purchased from the Soviet Union.

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