Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Catholic for Ron Paul

Caelum et Terra's Daniel Nichols, despite his assertion that "Dr. Paul's political philosophy is badly flawed in light of Catholic teaching," nevertheless comes to the conclusion that "he is so far beyond what many of us had come to expect that it is startling" ─ Further Thoughts on Ron Paul. Says Mr. Nichols:
    [R]egardless of the philosophical source of his ideas, many of the practical proposals he makes would serve as a healthy corrective to the excesses of the Leviathan State.

    And where he is right--on the war and foreign policy, on abortion, on torture, on the restoration of the historic rights of Americans--he is very right, and uniquely right.
As to the claim that "Dr. Paul's political philosophy... is an American individualism that falls far short of the communitarian Catholic vision of the common good," I would just say that Dr. Ron Paul is communitarian in that he supports freedom for Tocquevillean voluntary associations, and that his economic philosophy dates back to the monks of The School of Salamanca.

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