Friday, November 17, 2006

The Exoneration of Korean Class B and C War Criminals

Koreanologist Michael Breen writes about "the outrageous reversal this week by a Korean government panel of the rulings by allied tribunals after World War II on Korean war criminals" in Truth Commission Should Be Truthful.

The author decribes an encounter with a friend of his father who had been a POW in WWII and described Koreans as "horrible people" after withnessing the sadism of camp guards of that nationality. The author goes on to say of the recently exonerated:
    They were not tried as soldiers or POW camp guards who had done their jobs. They were tried for over-zealousness, for decisions and actions over and above the call of duty. They were the thugs, the brutes, the monsters, the most horrible of the "horrible people" my father’s friend knew. By what authority does the Truth Commission have to remove their individual responsibility with its class act defense of nationality? Such skewed morality led to the crimes against the lowest class _ "prisoners" _ in the first place. People who committed crimes against humanity are not innocent by virtue of being Korean any more than Japanese who brutalized Koreans are innocent by virtue of being Japanese.
While punishment is meted out even to the grandchildren of Korean collaborators who victimized fellow Koreans, Korean collaborators who committed crimes against humanity on the POWs of the very Allied countries that liberated their nation are exonerated.

This decision by the Leftist-Nationalist Roh Administration's "Truth Commission" is, if anything, as offensive as any visit to the Yasukuni Shrine. The next time some Korean politican blathers about Japanese historical amnesia forgive me if I puke.

[link via The Marmot's Hole]
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