Friday, November 24, 2006

Climate Change in Korea

A team lead by Professor Lee Dong-gyu of Seoul National University's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences has issued a study, some of the finding of whch are reported in A warmer earth may make the blossoms disappear:
    Professor Lee forecast that such higher temperatures and lower precipitation would be notable in the Honam areas (South and North Jeolla province), especially in the Honam Plains, the largest granary in the nation, which will suffer a severe water shortage.

    Global warming will affect all four seasons, the team found. The spring will begin five days earlier, and its period will be shortened by 11 days, while summer will begin 16 days earlier, with its period extended 24 days. Global warming is not expected to significantly affect the fall, but winter will start about 10 days later and be shortened by 15 days.
Click on the link to find out what may happen to Korea's beautiful cherry blossoms.
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Blogger chalacuna said...

Global climate has never been this worst for the past 500 years. Based on scientific studies, harmful emmissions from plants, cars and other fuel burning machines are the major culprit to the rapid climate change. This phenomenon called global warming has been felt in several parts of the world and is noticable in the abnormal behavior of thyphoons and tidal waves.

it is everybodys responsiblity to help maintain the environment and save mother earth.

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