Monday, July 31, 2006

Jeff Culbreath on Modern Warfare

I hope he won't mind my reprinting his thoughts on FATHERHOOD AND WAR in their entirity, but they are too important not to get as much of audience as possible:
    Fathers are often called upon to be warriors, to defend their families and homelands. A true father is not a pacifist. But a father is still a father, and one question now haunts me: for what cause can a man justly kill a little girl, another man's daughter, such as the girl pictured below? For what cause? Only to protect others from direct and immediate physcial harm - that is the only cause. And even then, the use of lethal means must be highly circumscribed to be licit. Unless the absolute justice of killing othen men's children is made perfectly and unambiguously clear, no father could participate without destroying his own manhood. I bring this up because modern warfare inevitably involves the killing of innocent children. "Collateral damage", it is called. If the survival of the modern secular state really depends upon this, I think we have a problem.
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